Children’s Natural Health & Nutrition

Children have different concerns at different ages, and every parent wants to give their child the best nutrition possible and make the best health decisions for them. In this busy world it’s more and more difficult to have the time or the funds to make these decisions for our children. Fast food is cheap and easy, but teaching your child from an early age how delicious fresh whole food is will make your job much easier while it sets up a lifetime of good eating habits in the child.

Natural Health Nutrition for Children

Good food for our children doesn’t have to be time consuming or excessively expensive, and we can give you hints, recipes, and shopping lists to help you make the change easier. Of course as your children watch you eat healthier foods it will teach them to do the same.

Teaching your child from an early age how delicious fresh whole food is will set up a lifetime of good eating habits!

Natural Help For Children

  • Herbal teas for children
  • Help with Colic
  • Stop bedwetting
  • Shorten flu’s and colds
  • Reduce fevers without pain relievers

It is difficult to see your child feeling sick.
When they have a cold, the flu, an ear ache, or colic we are as miserable as they are. And often we simply take them to the doctor right away to get antibiotics in the hope that their illness will be shortened by a day or maybe two and we won’t miss any more work days. We wonder if this helps, and the Centers for Disease Control has begun a programs asking all M.D.’s to ask the parents of sick children to wait 48 hours before beginning antibiotic medications. They have done this because they realize that a majority of these illnesses will clear up on their own in that span of time, and also (more importantly) that children who have had multiple antibiotic regimens build up a resistance to antibiotics that they might very well need as adults.

So what’s a parent to do?
We can inform you of many options that have helped children with acute diseases like colds and flus and ear aches; from certain herbal teas that have been given to children for centuries to little things you can do to make them more comfortable and help them recover and have a stronger immune system in the end. There are other applications that have been used for centuries that we’ve simply forgotten in this modern age; none of them harmful, many of them free, and most of them allow you to be an active part of your child’s increasing health.

Homeopathic Medicines
There are dozens of homeopathic medicines that have been used for over 200 years and are very safe and effective for children. Some common children’s success stories include helping colic, bedwetting, anxiety, ear aches, pink eye, quick relief from a high temperature, colds and flu’s, stomach aches, and many other common ailments. Homeopathic medicines are easy to use and are not expensive! You can keep a few of the most common ones in your home, ready to use when you need them.