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A Very Paleo Holiday

The Paleo Diet, in short, is when we eat like our ancestors ate hundreds of years ago. So this diet is high in whole roasted meats and seafood, lots of vegetables, fruits in season, and a few whole grains. Everything is made from scratch using fresh ingredients, and little is wasted. Wait… do you know […]

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“Pop” Culture

One of the simplest things that we “Average Americans” can do to become healthier is stop drinking soda pop. Stop drinking regular soda pop, diet, sweetened iced teas, sweetened and flavored waters, and anything else in this category. I did it in 2003 and I have to admit that it was almost as hard to […]

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The REAL Mediterranean Diet

I found myself on the Mediterranean island of Corsica. It was an amazing spring day and my dear husband and I were walking through a flea market near a marina. Yes, there were the typical flea market vendors, lots of touristy clothes, some really nice handmade jewelry, sandals and hats… and then we got to […]

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