Population explosion

We’re going to set out some pretty scary facts and then figure out what we can do to make them less chilling. Halloween has nothing on this kind of fright!

• In the year 1900 there were very close to 1.5 billion humans on the face of the Earth.
• By 1960 (60 years later) there were twice that many; 3 billion.
• By 1975 (15 years later) there were 4.1 billion people.
• By 1993 (18 years later) there were 5.4 billion.
• Today, 2018, 25 years later, there are 7.2 billion people.
• Very smart scientists estimate that the Earth will be crawling with 9.5 billion people before the year 2050.

That’s more than 6.3 times the number of people on the planet within 150 years.

Don’t panic, yet. There are things we CAN do to prepare for these times. Most of us will be alive in 2050, just a scant thirty two years away, and please consider some of these ideas:

• Don’t overconsume: Don’t buy foods, clothes, or anything else that you don’t need. Buy as many things as possible that are produced near you, not in other parts of the world. This act alone can reduce the energy needed to manufacture and transport every item, not to mention putting less in the landfills. Better yet, grow, harvest, or wild-craft as much as possible.
• Fix things instead of replacing them: Learn how to fix your things, or find someone who does. From electronics like cell phones and televisions to cars, and clothes. Sew a button back on a favorite shirt, fix a seam on your jeans, hand wash that old baseball cap.
• Make sure you have a clean, dependable water source. Also, don’t drink bottled water.
• Learn how to eat and live seasonally: When you eat foods that are in-season it will be easier to get them if/when foods become scarce.
• Learn how to cook: Seriously, this one lesson may make a world of difference on many levels.
• Stay healthy: Who knows what healthcare will look like in twenty or more years? Learn how to take care of yourself and your loved ones naturally, and how to prevent diseases.
• That being said, learn everything you can about natural and preventative medicine, proven medicinal herbs, and what whole food diet is right for you.
• Learn how to recognize herbs that grow near you, and use them whenever you can. If you aren’t interested in growing herbs, then buy them from an educated an reputable local source.

You know, like at LadyHawk Nutrition! Hope to see you soon.

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