You usually get what you pay for

As a Traditional Naturopath there all kinds of different people who ask my advice. There are many people who have relatively serious health conditions, and for these people I usually suggest that they make an appointment to sit down with me for enough time to figure out the likely causes of their condition(s) and suggest ways for them to address those causes. On the other hand, some people just want a “silver bullet” pill, so they won’t have to change their diet, quite smoking, drink a lot less alcohol, or get more exercise. As you can guess, they often don’t see long term results.

Some people who have simple complaints come in and it’s just a five or ten minute discussion. I suggest a number of supplements, teas, tinctures, or foods for them to choose from to address the cause of the complaint. For instance, let’s say someone comes in with a concern about heart disease. After some questions and answers we decide that taking the herb Hawthorn is the way they feel is the best option.

Now, I have more than two decades experience in the raw material health food and dietary supplement field, and after working with so many of the manufacturers in the U.S.A. I have an excellent idea of which companies buy quality raw materials and put them in their bottles for a fair price. I also know which companies buy quality raw materials and sell their bottles for way too much money. And of course there are those companies that simply buy the cheapest stuff and put it in a bottle with a rock bottom price. I’ve specifically chosen my favorite companies to offer here at LadyHawk Nutrition LLC.

So if you buy a bottle of Hawthorn Extract from me or another local health food store you’ll likely have good results, as well as having a discussion with the proprietor about the differences between the different brands and varieties available. Perhaps this person with the heart condition felt great on the bottle they purchased from me, but then replaced it with the cheaper plain hawthorn herb (un-extracted) capsules. Hawthorn herb capsules simply take dried hawthorn, chop it up or powder it, and put it in a capsule. Your body has a hard time getting the necessary nutrients out of that type of herb because it hasn’t been extracted in the form of a tea or tincture. Hawthorn extract has had the phytonutrients, the plant nutrients, extracted out of the plant using water, alcohol, glycerin or other extractants. These extracted herbs can be used by the body much more easily than plain dried herbs, so your body can get more of the phytonutrients it needs without working so hard. Make sense? Keep in mind that there are dozens of different ways to extract herbs, and each herb works better with different extract ratios… it’s a real science!

So, especially where herbs are concerned, you usually get what you pay for, and your body will respond much better when you choose herbal extracts (or use them as a tea) instead of inexpensive option.

See you in the woods!

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