Paleo Exercise

So you probably know about the paleo diet, right? It’s the common sense diet that states that we all should eat like our ancestors did hundreds of years ago, with nothing but fresh, organic, seasonal, whole, unprocessed foods and drinks. You might’ve heard that I recently wrote a book about it 😉

I was wondering yesterday why so many people pay for a gym membership, myself included, when our ancestors never needed a gym. And I had a brainstorm: What about paleo exercise?

Our ancestors didn’t need a gym because they walked or rode a horse everyplace. Since they didn’t have a tractor or rototiller they used shovels and hoes in their gardens or got down on their hands and knees to weed. They shoveled snow instead of using a snow-blower. They never drove their car a few yards to the end of their driveway to get the mail.

If you think about it further, making food from scratch, chopping vegetables, stirring, and cooking, takes up calories. Hunting, caring for farm animals, hauling feed and water, milking cows, cleaning stalls, brushing and grooming are work. Butchering is a workout. It’s not often you meet a fat farmer.

Our ancestors walked every day either to market or to gather their foods. Herbs, fruits, root vegetables, and grains can all be found in your local fields and forests. Free and organic! Walking is the perfect exercise because it doesn’t beat up your joints like higher impact sports and activities. It’s free and I’m certain there are a number of parks and public areas where you can walk, hike, climb hills, and enjoy the views.

Naturopaths  are taught that people only need five things to be healthy: Fresh clean air, fresh clean water, fresh clean food, sunshine, and exercise. Taking a walk outside can give you at least three of those five necessary things, and all five if you know what to look for.

Better yet, “like” the LadyHawk Nutrition Facebook page where I announce free herbal walks around the area and join us for a few lessons. They are usually on weeknights at 6:00 pm and each one is at a different public park in northwest Allegan county. We’ll all get fresh air, sunshine, exercise, and food at each herb walk!

See you in the woods!

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