What is a Naturopath?

“But what do you do?”

That’s a question I get a lot, so I thought I’d let you know just what I do in case you’re wondering too. I’m a Naturopath, or nature doctor. ND’s like me never prescribe; we teach. We try to find the cause of a disease or health concern then teach you how to remove that cause so that your body can heal. We believe strongly that if you give your body five things it will be healthy: clean fresh food, clean water, clean air, sunshine, and exercise.

Pretty cool, eh?

Yes, sometimes a client might need supplementation to assist the body in healing, and quite often I’m asked how long they need to take this or that supplement. It’s really hard to give a timeframe because there are so many factors involved. How long have you had the health concern? The longer you’ve had it the longer it will take to reverse. Did you really change your eating and drinking habits or other habits to remove the cause? So the more unhealthy things you replace with healthy foods and drinks, the sooner you’ll be better and no longer need supplementation. Are you getting the right amount of exercise? Are you getting enough sleep? Do you smoke, drink too much alcohol, or use recreational drugs? Are you suffering from the side effects of prescription drugs? Are you addressing the stresses in your life?

I can help you answer all of these questions and give you real-world suggestions to all of them. And the best part is that I can give you a list of things to do, foods to eat, drinks to drink, exercises, stretches, stress reduction methods… I even teach an hour long class on how to kick insomnia!

Let’s focus on what you can do, can eat, can drink, instead of what you can’t do. It’s so much easier that way.

When you make an appointment for the initial consultation with me you will be given about 9 pages of paperwork to fill out before the appointment. These papers include a food diary, a toxicity questionnaire, a health history, and a symptom questionnaire. All help me pinpoint the triggers and possible causes of your disease or health concerns. We’ll go over them together and discuss at length the results, then figure out a game plan to work on the causes. There will be plenty of time for questions and answers.

Don’t hesitate to call me when you’re ready!


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