“Pop” Culture

One of the simplest things that we “Average Americans” can do to become healthier is stop drinking soda pop. Stop drinking regular soda pop, diet, sweetened iced teas, sweetened and flavored waters, and anything else in this category.

I did it in 2003 and I have to admit that it was almost as hard to do as quitting smoking cigars (I never had a cigarette, but I used to smoke the occasional Black and Mild pipe tobacco cigar). I had been drinking diet pop (as we mid-westerners say it) since the late 1980’s once I found out I was hypoglycemic, and quit eating and drinking sugar, which was MUCH harder to do than quitting cigars.

Soft drinks, regular or diet, are bad for you. Firstly, they have NO nutritional value. Regular pop has an average of over 3 Tablespoons of sugar in each can. Would you sit at your kitchen table and eat 3 Tablespoons (not teaspoons!) of raw sugar? Come on now! And Diet pop is nothing but artificial colors and flavors and sweeteners. No nutritional value, and it makes your liver and kidneys work way too hard to process the chemicals.

Don’t drink it with meals. If you’re drinking pop along with a meal, as is forced upon us in almost every restaurant in the country, food combining teaches us that we shouldn’t drink any liquids with our meals anyway; it is too difficult for our stomach and small intestines to work on solids and liquids at the same time.

If you’re drinking it for the caffeine and sugar boost, stop it. You are grossly mistaken about how this works. All “uppers”, like caffeine, sugar, amphetamines, and others, have a short-term action of increasing the metabolic rates of the body. When this action/effect wears off, the body has an equal and opposite re-action that suppresses our metabolic rates. Caffeine and sugar actually make us more tired than we felt before we consumed them.

Caffeine also strongly affects our adrenal glands, the two little mushroom cap shaped organs above our kidneys that product adrenaline. Too much caffeine can over-work these little glands until they have no more adrenaline to produce. That’s when we can become constantly tired, and often even have a lower back ache from our aching adrenals. Sound familiar?

Oh, and did I mention that the added Phosphorus in the pop can leach calcium right out of your bones? Osteoporosis? Tooth decay? Um, yes.

But back to today’s sermon: Stop allowing “pop” culture and advertisements to brain wash you into choking down soft drinks. I promise that once you’ve stopped drinking this garbage, not only will you feel better, but you’ll be amazed at how much heavier your wallet will be for not spending $2 for a bottle of chemicals that cost the bottler less to fill than it did to print the can.

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