My Shopping List

Below is a shopping list that I have given my friends as a guide to healthy eating. It’s hard enough to look at every label, and produce doesn’t even come with labels! I hope you find this list makes your life a little easier and healthy:
· Nuts, unsalted, un-roasted, best still in the shell.
· Plain old fashioned oatmeal. NOT the stuff in the single serve package that is more sugar and artificial ingredients than oatmeal. Add a pat of butter, salt and molasses.
· Brown rice, or a blend of brown and other colorful rices.
· Stonybrook Farms brand vanilla yoghurt. Eat it with fruit juice sweetened jam, use in Pancakes instead of milk ( ½ yoghurt ½ water) for tangy pancakes, or in many other baked goods.
· Molasses. Trust me. Use it in baked beans or on top of oatmeal.
· Whole grain bread, like 12 grain, 8 grain, sesame seed, sprouted, Indian, etc.
· Plain popcorn, NEVER microwave type. There are reports that the goop they put in the packages for microwave use causes pancreatic cancer.
· “Better Than Bouillon” brand broths, including beef, chicken, vegetable, and mushroom, among others.

· Fresh Ginger root
· Cabbage
· Avocado
· Fruit, especially berries.
· Onions and garlic, always have them in your ‘fridge, fresh and whole.
· Asparagus (The only good source of the amino acid l-Asparagine).
· Even in my small town (1500 people) grocery store we can get organic lettuce, cauliflower, mushrooms, broccoli, and many fruits. If you can, buy organic, it’s worth the 15% mark up.

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And don’t forget the toilette paper!


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