Easy first steps for eating healthily

Lesson number one: learn how to cook! And there are lots of reasons to learn.

First: Fresh food tastes better than pre-packaged chemical laden “sustenance”.

Second: It’s MUCH less expensive, and a little time in your kitchen will save you more money than you are prepared to believe.

Third: The more processed and aged a food is, the less nutrients in it. It is easily proven that the older a food is, the fewer vitamins are in it, and any processing pretty much wipes out any nutrients in the food. Think of it this way; Oxidation is bad for iron, it causes rust. Oxidation is bad for apples, it causes sliced apples to brown. Oxidation is bad for meat, it causes it to rot faster. In this way a roast beef is better than a steak, which is better than hamburger. A whole apple is better than a slices apple, which is better than apple sauce. Got it? We take Anti-oxidant vitamins because oxidation is bad. Eat food that has the least amount of surface area affected by oxygen.

Fourth: It’s fun! No, really it is. OK, when you have time, it fun!

Fifth: To those of you who tell me “I’m too tired to cook”, my response is “The more natural, whole, fresh foods you eat, the more energy you will have.” If you don’t believe me on this point, give it a try for 10 days, or watch the movie “Super Size Me”. It’s a very entertaining movie, besides being an educational documentary.

Mantra #1: “If the human race has been eating something for thousands of years, and it was good for us then, it will be good for us now.” In later posts I will attempt to convince you to begin eating like your ancient ancestors ate. I will also give you easy, whole-family pleasing recipes. I am not a vegetarian (see mantra #1 above), however many of my recipes happen to be vegetarian.



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