Archive | January, 2016

My Shopping List

Below is a shopping list that I have given my friends as a guide to healthy eating. It’s hard enough to look at every label, and produce doesn’t even come with labels! I hope you find this list makes your life a little easier and healthy: · Nuts, unsalted, un-roasted, best still in the shell. […]

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Be Sneaky

More and more people are asking me how they can eat better, and my stock answer is “learn how to cook!” They don’t generally like that answer, or else they give me one of those “deer in the headlights” looks. OK, then cook better. For instance, if you’re having hamburgers and baked beans, sauté an […]

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Tea Time

You-all should know by now how I feel about soda pop. Nasty! And not the Janet Jackson kinda nasty, which is really a lot of fun. Am I showing my age? What to drink instead? Tea! Chamomile after dinner, rooibos flavored with Jasmine, Green tea flavored with citrus or ginseng, gunpowder, dragon pearls, white Darjeeling, […]

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